Simplify your life, save you time and money

We choose for you the best partners to make your projects possible. Professional negotiator with numerous commercial relations all over the place, the concept is ‘Votre Courtier personnel’.
Having a large experience in purchasing services, as well B to B as B to C, I have decided to become a Personal Broker and give you my expertise.
Answering your expectations requires a good knowledge of the market, a good understanding and anticipation of your needs. It requires negotiating tariffs in accordance with your budget, ensuring the conformity of your orders, but also delays.

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Save time

It is often difficult to find reliable professionals, providing qualitative work, and it takes time… Internet or directory researches, word of mouth, multiple visits to showrooms or shops… Limit this waste of time contact us.
Thanks to our market knowledge and expertise, we will put you in contact with qualitative professionals.

Save Money

You are hesitating to negotiate high prices…
Tight budget, need to save money: contact us. We will ensure that you undertake your project at the best price.

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You wish to buy a property? You wish to renegotiate your mortgage?

We put you in contact with the specialists that will obtain you rates within the best of the market!


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Renovation work: Coating, surfacing, bathroom creation, kitchen installation, dressing or cupboard creation, masonry…

We can also recommend you a professional kitchen seller, partner, to give life to your projects.



You are looking for a web designer to create your Internet web site or logo, flyers or booklets; we are here to help you find the best one.

You want to organize your shop? proposes partners to support you in the process.



You have an important purchasing project but limited budget: will negotiate the best price for you.

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    What is the concept of « »?

    « » connects you with multiple professional and qualitative partners.

    Who can contact « »?

    Everybody; particulars or profesionals.

    What do you propose ?

    We have a wide range of services and regularly new partners: therefore please consult our main page on our web site to find all available services. We are constantly diversifying our activities.

    What will cost me « »?

    Connection with professionals is free. The negotiation for particulars is a service subject to charges.

    Who do I pay ?

    Connections with professionals are free. You pay only the partners for their work. Negotiations are paid to “”.

    What are the tariffs for the negotiations?

    Negociations service is paid based on a percentage of savings generated through the negotiation, percentage previously agreed between you and “”. You pay only on what you’ve saved. With this, you will always respect your budget.

    If « » does not save you money, you do not pay anything.

    Which services « » can invoice me ?

    « » will invoice you only fees related to product(s) or service(s) negotiations.

    Do I have to subscribe and for how long ?

    There is no subscription to « » nor any obligation in time. Your demand is unique.

    Where is « » located ?

    « » is based in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France.